How to make Cannabis butter

Cannabis butter is butter with cutting waste from your Cannabis plant: use 50% waste and 50% butter. This is a weight indication, therefore, if you want to make 250gr butter, 250gr waste of a Cannabis plant cutting waste or leaves is needed. Butter with weed tops: 1 part of Marijuana or hash for every 10 parts butter. If you want to make 100gr butter you’ll need 10gr of good Cannabis.

Preparation of weedbutter:
Slowly heat the Cannabis butter, this is important because there will be a change of the biochemical characteristics of Cannabis. The strength will decrease in a hot fire. To begin, you have to clean the Cannabis plants by curring off the branches. Then crumble the weed in a weed grinder until you get a fine powder. Melt the butter over low heat and add the weed powder slowly, keep stirring . Let it stand on the stove for two hours at the very lowest heat. Leave the lid on the pan. Stir occasionally. Allow the butter to cool, but before it hardens, sift it through a towel  or fine sieve in trays. The butter will be preservable for a few weeks if stored In the refrigerator. And when you srore the butter in a freezer it will be preservable for several months.

Tip:  The butter is the best to use in hearty meal dishes. The impact will be very heavy when used in brownies and cookies, so be careful when eating several cookies! Keep in mind that it can take up to an hour for the effect will be noticeable.

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